Single-System Design Analysis

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 Charles Auerbach, Ph.D

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SSD for R
is a set of functions written in R for the analysis of single-system research design data. R is open source (free of charge) and is compatible with Windows, OSX and Linux. It is a programming language applicable to statistical analysis and graphics.   In order to use the functions in SSD for Ryou will need to download R and RStudio. As mentioned, both programs are free and you will find links to them below.  You can learn more about SSD for R in an article to that was recently published in Research on Social Work Practice.

Dr. Auerbach is the head developer of SINGWIN (2009), a more basic software package that accompanies Evaluating Practice: Guidelines  for the Accountable Professional.  It was also designed to analyze single-system research data.  To learn more about us, click on the "About Us" tab.

You may freely use all of the materials on this website; however, these are copyrighted and should be cited properly.  The citations link at the top of this page will provide you with preferred citations for various materials on this site.

Completing the contact page will enable us to keep you up-to-date on improvements to the functionality of SSD for R and additions to this website, as they become available.

This is what you need to do to get started:

For a general overview of R and the SSD for R functions, see "Getting Started with SSD for R" located on SSD for R Supporting docs tab.  

RStudio has developed a cloud version as an 
alternative to running R and RStudio on your computer. All you need to run the cloud version is a web browser and an RStudio Cloud account. RStudio Cloud

NOTE: If you are using OSX 10.8 or higher you will need to install XQuartz.
click here for XQuartz

1- Install R        
click here for R
(go to video page for instructional video)

 2- Install RStudio 

click here for RStudio

 Open RStudio and type the following in the Console to the left:
install.packages("SSDforR") <ENTER> (don't forget the quotation marks)
require(SSDforR)                    <ENTER>

You only need to run install.packages once. The require needs to be run at the
beginning of every R session. 

Download example data
basic data example  
Right click and select "save as" to download

P-chart example

Right click and select "save as" to download

Group data example
Right click and select "save as" to download 

t-test data example
Right click and select "save as" to download 

PAND data example
Right click and select "save as" to download 


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