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Charles AuerbachPhD, LCSW

Dr. Auerbach received his BA in sociology/psychology from Brooklyn College in 1976, his MSW from Adelphi University School of Social Work in 1979, and completed his doctoral studies at Fordham University in 1984.  He is a full professor at Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work (employed since 1988), and was a Visiting Professor at Einstein College of Medicine from 2005-2007.  In addition to his academic work, most recently Dr. Auerbach has been a research consultant for Long Island Jewish Medical Center (since 1999), where he has developed and continues to maintain a patient information system, has developed risk assessment protocols, and conducts program evaluations.  Dr. Auerbach has also been a Research Scholar at The University at Albany’s Research Foundation since 2001.

Dr. Auerbach has been the lead evaluator for two U.S. Children’s Bureau-funded longitudinal studies on recruitment and retention of child welfare workers for the past nine years through the New York State Social Work Education. As a result of this research, Dr. Auerbach has become a leading authority in workforce issues in child welfare, cross-site evaluations, examining system change over time, and research methodology. His publications in this area are often cited. Additionally, he has conducted a number of evaluations for the Administration for Children Services (ACS), New York City's public child welfare system, which have involved both quantitative and qualitative research designs, including the conducting of focus groups.

As a statistician, Dr. Auerbach has developed statistical software, SINGWIN (Auerbach, Schnall, & Heft-LaPorte, 2009), specifically for the evaluation of professional social work practice. The software has been published with a text entitled Evaluating Practice: Guidelines for the Accountable Professional (Bloom, Fischer, & Orme, 2009) and is used in schools of social work and in direct social work practice throughout the country.   

Dr. Auerbach is the first author of SSD for R, an R package for analyzing single-subject research data.  He is also the first author of the upcoming 
text, SSD for R:  An R Package for Analyzing Single-Subject Data.  Along with his co-author, Dr. Wendy Zeitlin, Dr. Auerbach has given presentations on SSD for R and single-subject research methodology at national conferences.

Wendy Zeitlin, PhD, LMSW

Dr. Zeitlin received her BS in financial management from The University of Maryland at College Park in 1984, her MSW from Yeshiva University in 2008, and her PhD in social welfare at Yeshiva University in 2012. Dr. Zeitlin is an assistant professor at Montclair State University where she teaches classes in research methods and practice evaluation. Additionally, she has served as a researcher for the New York State Social Work Education Consortium since 2007 and the Child Welfare Workforce Initiative, funded through the U.S. Children’s Bureau, since 2008.  As a result of this research, she has authored and co-authored several qualitative and quantitative research articles regarding workforce issues in child welfare and evidence-based practice. Her work has been widely published in peer review journals. 

Dr. Zeitlin has co-authored A Toolkit for Modifying Evidence-Based Practices to Increase Cultural Competence (Samuels, Schudrich, & Altschul, 2008) with funding from The Nathan Kline Institute and New York State's Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene.  As part of her work in the fields of cultural competence and evidence-based practice, Dr. Zeitlin has provided consulting services to agencies throughout New York State and elsewhere, including those providing services to children and families, and has developed an on-line continuing education course to teach the Toolkit methodology to practitioners in the fields of social work and psychology (Zeitlin, Altschul, & Samuels, 2012).  She has presented this methodology at numerous state and national conferences focusing on the fields of mental health, juvenile justice, and social work research and education. 

Dr. Zeitlin is an author of SSD for R, an R package for analyzing single-subject research data.  She is also the author of the upcoming
text, SSD for R:  An R Package for Analyzing Single-Subject Data.  Along with her co-author, Dr. Charles Auerbach, she has given presentations on SSD for R and single-subject research methodology at national conferences.

In her previous career, Dr. Zeitlin managed software development projects.  In this capacity she understands issues such as data integrity, quality assurance, user interfaces, and end-user requirements. 

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