Single-System Design Analysis

CW Research Associates Consulting Services

Together, we at CW Research Associates have 40+ years of consulting experience in a wide range of industries. These include evaluations in social services, health care, child welfare, gerontology, education, mental health, utilities, and financial services. 

  • Are experts in research methods which include overall design, survey development, data collection, data analysis and dissemination of findings (in a way that non-statistical folks understand).  We provide grant writing support and training for all types of evaluations.  
  • Have expertise in custom database design and management.  We develop, install, and maintain multi-user database systems of any size including those providing tracking of protected health care information.  
  • Provide trainings and present regularly at academic, user, and consumer-driven conferences.  Additionally, we publish extensively in academic journals in the areas of technology, health care, child welfare.

Finally, we work collaboratively to either fully conduct evaluations or help organizations conduct their own.  

For more information on CW Research Consulting Services, contact us

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